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Victoria Mendal Interior Design Interior Design Services

Initial Consultation

The designer will meet with the client to review the scope of the project, free of charge for a one time comprehensive meeting where the space will be surveyed, and all every aspect of the project be discussed. The budget of the project will also be talked about so that the designer can keep into consideration all options.

At this stage, we encourage clients to contribute their décor and design ideas. Great design is creating a unique environment that is fully functional, aesthetically pleasing, and ultimately represent the client. The design and decoration of your space should reflect your needs and personality. Victoria Mendal Interior Design will interpret your style or your taste into your space in the right scale and proportion, creating a unique ambiance just for you. No two projects will ever be alike.

Bid Proposal

After the initial meeting, The Designer will present a bid, a realistic cost of what the project will run, as well as the design fees for the project. Once the proposal is agreed upon, and the contract is signed the work begins.

The Process

The process starts with the space being measured out and plotted on CAD, fully measured out to scale and an initial floor plan will be drawn up, to provide a basis from which to work out a design solution.

Design Solutions

Depending on the needs of the client, Victoria Mendal Interior Design can provide assistance with the following design needs…

  • Spaced drawings of existing conditions
  • New space planning according to needs of space
  • Electrical planning and layout
  • Lighting sourcing, planning and layout,
  • Floor plans and furniture layout plans
  • Ceiling/molding, casing and trim detail layouts
  • Kitchen design, including custom cabinetry design,
  • Bathroom Design, including tile/stone layout and detail plumbing drawings
  • Closet and storage design and solutions
Design solutions will be presented and communicated precisely to the client by means of drawings, sample materials and where necessary story boards, so that the client can visualize every aspect of the intended design and decor.

Selecting Interior Materials & Finishes

The large variety of materials and finishes can make these choices quite a daunting task to do on your own. Victoria Mendal Interior Design will narrow down the selection process and offer choices of the right materials for any given project.

Selecting Furniture and Furnishings

Because furniture is a major component of the design and decoration, the choice of furniture and furnishings is a very important part of each project. Selecting furniture according to the also involves sourcing many vendors according to the budget.

Victoria Mendal interior Design, with over 16 years experience and a vast knowledge of the decorative styles and periods is well acquainted in the market with a large number of furniture suppliers and fabric and wall covering showrooms, making it easy for the client to have the right choices presented to them so that they can make the right decision according to their needs, budget and style.

At Victoria Mendal Interior Design we employ and utilize superior quality vendors, contractors and suppliers. If are interested in becoming one of our clients please feel free to contact us. We look forward to meeting you.