Storage & Closet Design

The challenge of staying organized lies in the storage limitations of any space. Peace of mind is achieved when all storage spaces are planned to fit a client’s life style, when all belongings have a place to live and when things are compartmentalized accordingly to their needs, to achieve a clutter free ambiance for the client.

Victoria Mendal Interior Design offers storage solutions for all the closets in your home. From walk-in closets, reach in closets, custom built wardrobes, complete dressing rooms or simply closets for kids rooms, Victoria Mendal offers storage solutions that will minimize clutter and organize your life.

Other rooms where organization is a must include pantry, entryway/coat closet, mudroom, laundry room, linen closets.

Your storage inventory will be analyzed and a careful assessment of your storing needs, closet space, we will propose an organization system that will make the most of the space you have.

We will work with your budget to determine what is the best system for you, be it fully custom manufactured systems or semi-custom, or prefabricated system, Victoria Mendal will determine the optimum arrangement of shelving, hooks, hangers, dividers and containers to accommodate your unique space and needs. Through proper organization, we can vastly increase the amount of functional space you have access to, while simultaneously organizing and sorting your storage needs.

At Victoria Mendal Interior Design we employ and utilize superior quality vendors, contractors and suppliers. If are interested in becoming one of our clients please feel free to contact us. We look forward to meeting you.